single-side elastic reflective tape(silver/grey)
surface color:silver/grey
fabric color:white or black
material:elastic spandex fabric
width :max is 110cm,small sizes are available
coefficientof retroreflection:>380cd/lx.m²
application:for sport wear,bag etc
Detailed description

Product Name: single-side elastic reflective tape(silver/grey)

Item No.: C2000


width:max is 1.1m,can but cutted into 1cm(min. width) to 1.1m

surface color:silver or grey color

middle fabric :white,black,other colors can be customized.


1,double-sided elastic is often cutted into small sizes as 1cm,1.5cm,2cm and used in the elastic binding or piping.

2,high-visibility in the night or in the bad weather.