SOLAS Reflective tape
Material: PET
Specification: 5cm*50m/ volume, customizable
Color: white
Surface pattern: honeycomb
Type: type adhesive
Inverse reflection coefficient of >250cd/lx. square meters
Usage: suitable for use in a variety of beach life-saving supplies, such as life jackets, life buoy lifeboat and inflatable lifeboat maritime personal flotation equipment and rescue equipment, in order to improve the
Detailed description

CY1400-4SOLAS Reflective tape is made up of a high intensity return reflective glass bead bonded on a pressure sensitive adhesive. The super retroreflective performance makes it sewn or pasted on the surface of the object. It plays a very significant role in improving the visibility of the object or the wearer in the marine nighttime and bad sight environment. It is especially suitable for all kinds of marine lifesaving products, such as life jacket, tooling, lifesaving ring, ship warning sign and so on. Nowadays, such products are welcomed by many people and organizations in many countries, and have become the special materials approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the US COAST GUARD.

[product features]
First, the antireflective performance is strong and has super high brightness. It is still clearly visible outside 500 meters at sea.
Two. The product is made from PVC. It has light, soft, weatherability and long service life.
Three, two options - the bottom of the cloth or  self adhesive (pressure sensitive adhesive)
Four, product quality assurance, in line with IMO/SOLAS specification certification.
Five, color: white
Six, specifications: 50mm x 45.7m/ volume, 50mm*50m/ volume,
Seven, usage: suitable for all kinds of beach lifesaving appliances, improving the visibility of the body or the wearer in marine night or bad sight environment.
The marine special reflective film is specially used for navigation industry, improving the warning effect of ships, ship facilities and lifesaving equipment, and increasing safety warning function for ship workers, providing life-saving signals in dangerous times. All countries have successfully rescued the trapped personnel through the warning signals provided by the special marine reflective film, and the marine special reflective film is certified by SOLAS.