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CY1400 high-strength body sticker

Name:CY1400 high-strength body sticker

CY1400 reflecvtive sheeting for vehicle


[Specification] 5CM*50M; red and white 15cm+15cm;
[Characteristics] red and white, red (wide: 15CM), white (wide: 15CM), the surface has six sides honeycomb pattern, has the three-dimensional  feeling, the paste is good, the waterproof is strong, the service life is long, the reflection is extremely high.

The reflector improves the vehicle\'s day and night recognition effect, helps identify the model and size of the vehicle, and avoid the accident.
1. The best wide-angle reflection performance can still maintain good reflective performance ,especially large angle of incidence.
2. The structure of the reflective film is flexible, and it is easy to stick to the film by hand.
3,good water resistance and moisture resistance, not easy to accumulate dust.
4, wear resistance, scratch resistance, crack resistance, ,gasoline, diesel and other solvents resistance.
5, using high quality glue can make the reflection film and the surface of solid combine, not easy to fall off, to provide more excellent durability.

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