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EGP Microprism Super Engineering Grade Reflective Film

Name:EGP Microprism Super Engineering Grade Reflective Film

Zhejiang caiyun of EGP micro prism engineering grade reflective film belongs to the People\'s Republic of China Department of transportation issued JT-T279-1995 standard two grade reflective film.  reflective principle  is different from the engineering and high grade reflective film glass microsphere reflection principle, but the use of the latest technology of microcrystalline cube reflection. After each microcrystalline cube of the super engineering reflective film is connected and arranged, there will be more than 930 microcrystalline cubic bodies on the area of a square centimeter. The lower layer of the microcrystal cube corner is sealed to form an empty gas layer, which makes  an internal total reflection, so that the best reflection effect can be achieved without the aid of the metal reflector. Comparison of traditional reflective film with reflective film made of high hardness wear-resistant polycarbonate material and crystallite cube technology ,  its performance is not only doubled, but also greatly improves the performance of wide angle.


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