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High-strength acrylic reflective film

Name:High-strength acrylic reflective film

The reflective film produced by Zhejiang Caiyuan reflective material Co., Ltd.  the reflective layer is formed by glass bead  combining PVC, PU and other polymer materials with special technology. The reflective film uses optical principles to reflect back to the light source. It consists of a film layer with good weatherability, a tiny glass bead layer, a focusing layer, a reflection layer, a viscose layer and a peeling layer.
The performance of this series of reflective films belongs to the GB/T 18833-2002 standard second level reflective film issued by the Ministry of communications of People\'s Republic of China. The high strength reflective film is a durable sealed reflective film, which is three times lighter than the engineering grade reflective film. The material has been successfully used to make traffic signs. Even if the signs are in large angle and bright areas, the high-strength reflective film can make the signs clearly visible, and effectively predict the dangerous situation of the driver\'s road ahead.
The high strength reflective film is suitable for the traffic signs of general roads, that is, the usual highway, level 1, two, three, four and temporary signs. Generally divided into two types of pressure-sensitive and thermal (my company production of high-strength reflecting film is pressure-sensitive adhesive). The use of the same kind of ink screen printing technology can make all kinds of patterns.


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