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Advertisement Grade Reflective sheeting PET/Acrylic type

1. Products: Reflective Sheeting

2. Series: CY3100(PET) ,CY3200(Acrylic

3. Surface: PET, Acrylic

4. Feature: CY3100(PET) Untearable,easy operation,can be printed in PET ink.

                  CY3200(Acrylic) Tearable,excellent for computer flexbility and extensibility,

                 can be printed by screen printing or ink-jet printer,excellent for computer cutting  

5. Application: advertisement signs,propagandistic signs,temporary work zone signs.  

6. Service Life:3 years

7. Specification: 1.24mx45.7m/roll

8. Colour: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue,Orange,Brown,Black 

9. Type of Adhesive:Pressure-Sensitive Type

All can be cut as your requirement.

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Reflective Film reflective sheeting


Reflective Sheeting

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PET engineering grade reflective film

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