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PVC6-8 hour matt flame-retardant light storing film

1. Description: The luminous film surface film is made of flame-retardant PVC, and has the flame retardant property of V-0 grade. It can not be torn, and can be used for inkjet printing, lettering, etc. It is yellow green in the daytime, and emits green light in the dark place. It is made of aluminate and other materials activated by high quality rare earth elements. It has excellent light storage and luminous effects. The luminous time is 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 hours for you to choose. It is non-toxic and harmless and can be recycled. Flame retardant performance of grade V-0.

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PVC6-8 hour matt flame-retardant light storing film


Luminous film material

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4-6H Acrylic light storing film

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