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Reflective triangle warning board suit

The source collecting reflective tripod set is composed of reflective tripod (splayed bottom or cross bottom) and reflective vest. Reflective tripod is the conventional emergency equipment on the vehicle, which is generally triangular in appearance, so it is also called triangle warning sign. The passive reflector made of plastic reflective materials is used for the warning signs of mining sources in strict accordance with the requirements of the Road Traffic Safety Law. The principle is that when the car owner encounters a sudden traffic accident on the road, he uses the reflective property of the warning board to remind other vehicles to avoid the accident. In order to comply with the development of the market and customer needs, our company is equipped with a safety reflective vest. Reflective vest is to sew high brightness reflective tape at the front and back of the vest, and wear a safety reflective vest, which can make other vehicles give way in an emergency, adding a safety guarantee for the owners of vehicles involved in accidents at night!

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Reflective triangle warning board suit


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