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PET 6-8 hour light storing film

Product Features 1. Light absorption in bright places and light emission in dark places. The bright part can absorb sunlight, light, ambient stray light and other visible light, and the dark part can automatically and continuously emit light, giving people more information in the dark. 2. Safety and environmental protection. Tested by the Chinese Academy of Metrology, the product is non-toxic, non radioactive and has stable chemical performance. 3. No power supply, low excitation conditions, sunlight, general lighting, ambient stray light can be used as excitation light source. 4. The high brightness and long luminous time far exceed the requirements of fire evacuation. 5. Simple installation and convenient maintenance. It can be flexibly installed according to the actual needs of public places, and signs can be installed at different parts of the ground, ladder surface and ceiling. 6. It can be reused for unlimited times with a safety factor of 100%. 7. It has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy and scratch resistance.

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PET 6-8 hour light storing film


Luminous film material

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PET2-4 hour economical luminous film

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