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Colored chemical fiber reflective cloth

Caiyuan color reflective cloth is made of glass beads with high refractive index, special resins and color pigments on the surface of the cloth base by coating or film covering process, and reflective layer is coated on the surface of the back half bead of the beads. Each row of beads on the base surface is an optical lens element. When the light shines on the surface of the product, the micro bead reflects the light beam in the direction of the light source. The light shows bright light through the process of incidence refraction reflection, forming a retro directional reflective function, so that ordinary cloth can reflect the light under the light, and play a safe, eye-catching and warning role. At present, the reflective fabric of the company's color series is made of chemical fiber and TC, and the colors are fluorescent yellow, orange red, black, gray, bright silver and other different varieties for market demand.

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Colored chemical fiber reflective cloth


Reflecitve Fabric

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Fluorescent yellow chemical fiber reflective cloth

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